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    OmniDecor at Glasstec 2022

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    OmniDecor at Glasstec 2022

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    Date: 2 September 2022

    Many surprises await you at the new OmniDecor stand (HALL11 - Booth C20).


    OmniDecor is taking part in glasstec 2022. This event is held in Düsseldorf from 20th to 23rd September and is considered to be one of the most important of its kind on a global level. Many surprises await you at the new OmniDecor stand (HALL11 - Booth C20).

    The booth

    The stand has been designed to meet two essential needs: the first is to put a spotlight on new products, ornaments and glass sculptures; the latter will be exclusively presented during Milano Design Week. The second is to offer Glasstec visitors a highly relational space, a welcoming environment in which to exchange opinions, experiences, and technical know-how. The guiding concept behind the stand design was elaborated in line with the style which characterises OmniDecor’s glass collection: great attention to nuances of colour and the shimmering effects of light on surfaces.

    The star of the show: DecorOpal new size!

    The OmniDecor product taking “centre stage” at Glasstec 2022 is Decoropal in its 2550 x 3210 mm slab format. This format, the biggest marketable size, is the result of the industrial commitment that the company puts at the disposal of glass companies.  Large sizes promote both productive optimisation by reducing the mirrors and the creation of new productive applications which would otherwise be impossible to make.

    A sustainable company

    Environmental and social sustainability have long been competitive factors which inspire OmniDecor’s business model. We have always planned and produced responsibly, fully aware that our choice needs to be made by combining the present and the future. The ISO 14001 certification we have obtained is proof of this. This standard is considered the regulatory reference point for companies and organisations equipped with an “Environmental Management System” and focuses on environmental aspects regarding productive activities.

    Collections and sculptures

    The stand also offers visitors conceptual designs and elaborations inspired by and made with OmniDecor glass. We are deeply passionate about these works: in addition to being exercises in style, which are particularly surprising on an aesthetic level, they celebrate the richness, plasticity and infinite creative potential of the glass, the material at the basis of our work and the source of the entrepreneurial success of our market on an international level.

    • The ‘Pebbles’ collection designed by Kiki van Eijk for OmniDecor: a series of objects which retell the poetics of everyday life in a fairy-tale key

    • The sculptures of the “intro” collection by Lidia Covello for OmniDecor: exercises in style carried out using glass as a messenger of light and colour.

    The collections: examples of technical-formal research

    The collection of Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk and the works of Lidia Covello are some of the most interesting results of creative reflection when it comes to the expressive potential offered by glass − the plastic material par excellence. As per OmniDecor’s tradition, this research combines a technological-productive environment with an exquisitely aesthetic one. The collections are uniquely sold online.

    Kiki van Eijk

    Kiki was raised in Tegelen, a small town in the Netherlands. She spent her youth immersed in nature, daydreaming and drawing. Today, she is one of the most prominent Dutch designers. She studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven which she met her partner, Joost van Bleiswijk. Inspired by a sense of wonder for the small details of everyday life, Kiki’s world is extravagant and colourful, lyrical and personal. Since establishing her studio in 2000, Kiki van Eijk has produced a corpus of unique work, which ranges from furniture designs to fabrics, experimental art installations to work on paper. Her sculptures have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and trade fairs all around the world, including Basil, London, Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, and Rome.

    Lidia Covello

    After working in Tokyo where she curated the Hermès windows, Lidia Covello has been working in Milan as a set designer and creative director. She loves simplicity and the beauty of imperfection and is constantly looking for the essence of every element. She designed the OmniDecor showroom for Milan Design Week. Her creative contribution has helped give an even more contemporary vibe to the stand.

    OmniDecor at Glasstec 2022

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